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“The rebozo symbolically represents the blanket that weaves our individual and collective destiny; it is the umbilical cord that unites us to the womb and our origin.” - Marucha Iluakatzin

Rebozo - This treatment is done with either one or more pieces of cloth called rebozo. They are wrapped around areas of the woman, head and different body parts. In order to induce a sense of being held and nurtured, by gently rocking pulling and lifting the scarf with soft pressure from the hands.


Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a wonderful tool to utilise to bring people and especially pregnant Women in touch with themselves and their own body. Identifying breath, using sound and movement that supports them throughout their pregnancy. It can be guided one-on-one in private sessions where I bring a mixture of different Yoga modalities and bodywork together with breath sound and touch.

Water Therapy

A mixture of different bodywork methods put together to induce a sense of calmness, enabling the Woman to let go and relax her body. Created by immersing the Woman totally other than the eyes nose and mouth in a pool of water at 35°C to 36°C temperature. Holding, rocking, gentle swirling and utilising soft pressure, allows the Woman to experience a sense of nurturing. It can be given at any stage in a Woman's life, during pregnancy it is especially effective before and after birth, when the body is heavy and tired.

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