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Lisa Levy

My journey begun as a bodywork therapist in essential oils, Swedish and Shiatsu.

Through my personal development over the years I pursued studies in various approaches to work with the body, mind and spirit. Personalising a method to best support women. 

I am a Mother of four beautiful grown children who through them I have learnt many life lessons. Motherhood is fulfilling and with that, I have always managed to balance and create a space to nourish and harmonise myself in my surroundings. Through this journey I have been abled to encourage Women on their path.


I work with women on all stages of their life, helping them to connect by giving them tools which have served me to navigate  through the challenges of my own life. 


I currently reside in Hofit Israel, I am a native English speaker. 

My Trainings and certifications CV


1980   Essential oils, Swedish massage, Shiatsu Therapist

1988   Seminar Ha'kibutzim - movement

1993   Group leadership 

2003  Raja Vinyasa Yoga

2003  Thai Yoga Massage

2004  Ashtanga Yoga

2005  Doula

2005  Yoga Rahasya

2007   Womens Yoga
2012  Personal journey for Women life circles

2019  Spinning Babies

2019  Hypno Birthing 

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